JSWISS Releases Standout New Album “Every Word Is A Dollar”

Every Word Is A Dollar is the brand new album from JSWISS and a collection that marks SWISS at the peak of his game as an MC. The album, available now on a major music platforms, is the perfect blend of musicality, flow, composition and substance, with subject matter spanning from police brutality, to religion, a universally relatable everyday struggle, from the perspective of a young Black man with a strong sense of purpose and identity from the suburbs of Dobbs Ferry, NY, with a journalism degree from UNC.

As JSWISS himself describes:

Every Word is a Dollar is a statement about the world and myself. When you factor in cost and value, nothing on this earth is more valuable than words. Words change attitudes, words change people, words change and shape history, and they cost absolutely nothing to produce.

For myself it’s realizing that if there’s one superpower I have, it’s a command over words. So when the thing you’re most adept at and have the most control over is also the most valuable resource in the world, that’s powerful. So, “what are you gonna with that?”


NEW MUSIC: JSWISS Shares “The Gift” + Announces New Album

JSWISS releases the brand new single “The Gift”, which is a taste off of his just-announced upcoming album, Every Word Is A Dollar, set to release on April 5th. It’s his first full-length release since 2013’s Awthenticity.
“The Gift” was borne out of a 22-minute jam with JSWISS, Marcus Machado (bass), Justin Swiney (drums) and Paul Bloom (keys). A small sample from that improvisational jam session is the foundation for the instrumental, arranged by JSWISS himself with additional production from producer Vicky Casis. “The Gift” features a barrage of lyricism so potent, you’ll have to hit replay to catch everything, with a catchy hook that will have you singing along when you do. It brings to record the type of exhibition audiences are treated to when they see JSWISS live, either during his own shows, or as a frequent guest MC with musicians at prestigious venues like Blue Note Jazz Club in New York.
You can check out “The Gift” on a major music platforms including Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Tidal and Bandcamp.

JSWISS & M.Drix (a.k.a. Marcus Machado) Drop Surprise EP “Black Summer”

JSWISS & producer M.Drix (a.k.a. Marcus Machado) join up for a 5-song collaborative EP titled Black Summer that is one continuous exhibition on the fundamentals of hip-hop music: beats and rhymes. From the first note til the last JSWISS is in beast mode, showing off raw lyricism and wordplay, while Machado, also known as a prolific guitar player in addition to producer and solo artist, shows off his skills as a straight up hip-hop producer, providing the perfect platform for SWISS to go in with the BARS.

Think Dwyane Wade and LeBron James hitting up a basketball game at Rucker Park, but in musical form. That’s Black Summer.

[VIDEO] JSWISS Album Debut @ Blue Note Jazz Club w/ Special Guests

JSWISS had a successful album debut/birthday show last month at the legendary Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City with his band and special guests Amma Whatt, Marcus Machado, Maurice “Mobetta” Brown, Chandanie and Rini. Check out the video recap below with highlights, including snippets of yet-to-be-released music from JSWISS’ upcoming album.

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JSWISS Debuting Next Album Live at Blue Note

Next week JSWISS is having a huge first show at the legendary Blue Note Jazz Club, a prestigious club that has not only hosted most of the biggest names in jazz history, but also opened up its doors to only select, top hip hop artists, such as Pete Rock. The show will serve the reveal of JSWISS’ next album to the world in a form of a live show, before an album title or released date is even revealed.

The show starts late night Friday going into Saturday at 12:30 a.m. and doors open at midnight. It’s highly suggested to get tickets in advance before the prices go up and/or tickets sell out, and to get there as early as possible after doors open. Tickets are available right here.

JSWISS Addresses Ironic Celebrity For Victims of Police Brutality on “Famous”

Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice and Eric Garner. Their names have reached the notoriety of some pop stars, but sadly for all the wrong reasons. That’s the premise behind hip hop artist, JSWISS‘ fiery new single “Famous”, the storyteller’s potent submission to a conversation that sounds as loud today as ever in the history of the United States.

The concept is a new take on an issue that has existed for decades and has become a hot topic during the past several years as documentation of police brutality has become more accessible. Artists expected to reflect the times have publicly lent their voices to the discussion through social media and protest songs, but as a person who doesn’t waste words, on public platforms JSWISS has kept relatively quiet on the subject until he could contribute something new and of value to the conversation.

“What finally struck me was the laundry list of victims names — from adults with futures still ahead of them to kids who hadn’t even fully developed an identity — known by millions throughout the United States and internationally, not for what they’ve done with their lives, but for what was done to them,” says JSWISS.

You can watch the lyric video for “Famous” above and find the song — which features guitarist/producer Marcus Machado and spoken word artist Dasan Ahanu — on all major music platforms.

[RECAP] JSWISS Live @ National Sawdust

Last Saturday, June 23, JSWISS performed with his band at the beautiful new Brooklyn venue National Sawdust as part of the popular monthly series there, The Revolution. Thrown into the mix was special guest violinist Rini and it was definitely a special performance. Check out the recap on YouTube, shot by Shuhei Hayashi.

“Dedicate.LoveSomethin” Video Selected For 2018 Hip Hop Film Festival

JSWISS’ powerful and inspirational music video for “Dedicate.LoveSomethin” off of his critically-acclaimed No Music EP was just selected for the 2018 Hip Hop Film Festival in Harlem, New York City this summer. The video is directed by Stephen Mucci, edited by John Holowitz and stars USA Fencing athletes Kamali and Khalil Thompson as well as Barstarzz founder Eduard Checo. The song is produced by producer/bassist Brady Watt (DJ Premier, Ski Beatz). For more info about the festival in August, click here.