JSWISS Releases Standout New Album “Every Word Is A Dollar”

Every Word Is A Dollar is the brand new album from JSWISS and a collection that marks SWISS at the peak of his game as an MC. The album, available now on a major music platforms, is the perfect blend of musicality, flow, composition and substance, with subject matter spanning from police brutality, to religion, a universally relatable everyday struggle, from the perspective of a young Black man with a strong sense of purpose and identity from the suburbs of Dobbs Ferry, NY, with a journalism degree from UNC.

As JSWISS himself describes:

Every Word is a Dollar is a statement about the world and myself. When you factor in cost and value, nothing on this earth is more valuable than words. Words change attitudes, words change people, words change and shape history, and they cost absolutely nothing to produce.

For myself it’s realizing that if there’s one superpower I have, it’s a command over words. So when the thing you’re most adept at and have the most control over is also the most valuable resource in the world, that’s powerful. So, “what are you gonna with that?”


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