JSWISS 2017 Highlight Recap

It was a very eventful year for JSWISS, and the likelihood is, whether you were part of the journey at the beginning of the year or joined along the way, you caught a lot, but missed some. Don’t worry, here’s a full recap of the highlights.

1) Dedicate.LoveSomethin (Music Video)

The music video for the inspiring track “Decidate.LoveSomethin” produced by Brady Watt, is maybe the finest of JSWISS’ career. The video, directed by Stephen Mucci and edited by John Holowitz, featured Team USA fencers Kamali and Khalil Thompson as well as Barstarzz founder Eduard Checo in their elements, dedicated to their passions.

2) Groundbreaking NY Botanical Garden Performance

In October, JSWISS literally made history as the first hip hop artist to ever perform at the landmark New York Botanical Garden. SWISS and his band were invited to perform during one of the Garden’s sold out Chihuly Nights exhibits highlighting the work of glass artist Dale Chihuly.

3) The Lab Residency at Rockwood Music Hall

JSWISS made summer 2017 a special one with his 3-month residency at NYC hotspot Rockwood Music Hall titled The Lab. The purpose of The Lab was to workshop brand new, unreleased music and provide a new experience each night with a different cast of band members. The process was captured in a mini-documentary recap by 1221 Media & Entertainment.

4) “LML” Music Video with Chandanie

Earlier this year JSWISS teamed up with frequent collaborator and No9to5 Music representer Chandanie for these moving (and messy) visuals for their single “LML.” Like “Dedicate.LoveSomethin” this video was directed by Stephen Mucci and edited by John Holowitz.

5) Music Featured in Raise Up Film on Red Bull TV

JSWISS’s high energy single “Move” was prominently featured in the open credits of the documentary film on the global calisthenics culture, Raise Up: The World Is Our Gym, which is available to watch now through Red Bull TV. Watch it in full here.

6) Music Featured in Hoops Africa Film on NBA TV

Things didn’t stop with Red Bull TV. JSWISS had his songs “Sunshine To Rain” and “The Heat” featured in the documentary film Hoops Africa, which premiered on NBA TV this month.

7) “All Night” (Prod. By Tuelv)

Hopefully you didn’t miss this smooth funky single “All Night,” but if you did, we got you now. “All Night” is produced by Tuelv from out in Poland and features live bass from Lez Lemon. Enjoy and sing and dance along.

8) “(Re)Play” f. Chandanie

JSWISS and Chandanie is far from a new combination and so is JSWISS and producer U’Nique Music. On this single released in the earlier part of the year you get both, along thought provoking lyrics.”(Re)Play” premiered via UK music entity Jazz Hop Café.

9) Awthentic Shirts

In 2017 JSWISS piggybacked on the concept of his 2013 release Awthenticity LP and doubled down on the idea of staying true to oneself and how that manifests itself as the common thread throughout his music, by releasing these new Awthentic t-shirts. Join the community by getting a shirt of your own and check out the mission statement here.


10) Duo Set With Wes Mingus

In 2017 JSWISS added a whole new element into his live show repertoire. Debuting for the first time with a packed show at Rockwood Music Hall, SWISS collaborated with Wes Mingus (The Roots, Wu Tang Clan, Bilal) for a unique duo set featuring Mingus crafting all of the music on baritone guitar and loop pedal. What was sparked as just an idea for fun experimentation was a hit and result in 5 shows in 3 cities in 2017, in between JSWISS’ shows with his full band.

11) Love From DJs Worldwide

This one is as much of a highlight as a thank you to all of the DJs throughout the world that spun JSWISS’ music during their radio shows in 2017. There were certainly more that are also appreciated, but here’s a majority of what we could remember and find: Mike Ashley (Soul Freedom Radio, United Kingdom), Out Da Box Radio (New York), DeeJay Samps (WXDU, North Carolina), DeeJay Miz (WXDU, North Carolina), DJ Pablo Blanquito (Reform Radio, United Kingdom), DJ 3rd Degree (The Coast to Cost Hip Hop Mix Show, California), Rhythm & Soul Radio (New York), The Consignment Show (CHRW, Canada), DJ Niceness (Neo 2 Soul Radio, United Kingdom), Mark Ski (Funk By Funk, United Kingdom), DJ DAN C.E. (WFDU, New York), Rebel Diaz Radio (WBAI, New York), The Expedition (Dash Radio, California), Bondfire Radio (New York). YOU ARE APPRECIATED!

And thank YOU to every last supporter who came to a show, purchased a shirt, purchased or streamed a song, and spread the word in 2017! This can’t be done without you!


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