JSWISS 2013 Year In Review


It was an active year for JSWISS in 2013. From putting out a stand out project to rocking dozens of performances to getting attention from major media outlets, this wasn’t a disappointing year. While the plan is for 2014 to be 1,000 times better than 2013, let’s look back at a 2013 to be remembered. Events are in no particular order. Who knows, you may have missed something.

P.S. Know it’s been a long time, but there will be new music coming during the first quarter of 2014.

“Rap’s Next Big Thing” Says UNC’s Blue & White Magazine


During his last semester as an undergrad student at UNC-Chapel Hill, the 20,000+ student school’s biggest magazine featured JSWISS on the cover of their magazine as Swiss wrapped his highly acclaimed Awthenticity LP. You can read the article, which also features commentary from head engineer and No9to5 Music member Cayso, HERE.

The Source Magazine Shows Support


The Source magazine, undoubtedly one of the most influential hip hop publications out there, showed love to JSWISS not once, but twice in 2013. The AltAir-produced “My Mercedes” was featured on The Source’s Never On Schedule, But Always On Time online segment, and the Awthenticity LP on the whole was featured in the Support Your Local Rapper segment as the top independent project on the East coast for half of May.

“Four Corners” Goes Worldwide

The youaintryan-directed video for “Four Corners”, produced by DeeJay Element of the Brown Bag AllStars, dropped mid-December of 2012, but in 2013 it took off to more than 23,000 views from the United States, to the United Kingdom, to Australia, to Malaysia and more! The video even took over Reddit’s main hip hop forum for a day, gaining more than 1,200 upvotes. This year also saw releases of videos for “Heard About Ya,” “Freeze,” “Universal Just Called” and “Just Me And You” featuring Topiq.

JSWISS Tears Down Brooklyn with Live Band

JSWISS performed twice this year at the well known Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn as part of singer Kelli Sae‘s Brooklyn Grind showcase, featuring an incredibly talented live band. Both times Swiss was the only hip hop act on the bill, and each time he left the crowd with chills.

Bleu Magazine Interview

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 2.05.28 PM

Bleu Magazine is a well respected lifestyle magazine based in New York that you can find on newsstands throughout the United States. In July they featured JSWISS as a Music Monday artist of the week on their website. Kiara Gillette provided an in-depth interview with JSWISS the artist and person. Read it HERE.


JSWISS Rocks Chapel Hill With Kooley High

For the past 5+ years no one can talk North Carolina Hip Hop without mentioning Kooley High, which has taken up where Little Brother left off. They’ve longtime been friends and collaborators with JSWISS, and twice Swiss rocked with them live in Chapel Hill. After a successful show at Local 506 in early 2013, they invited JSWISS to perform with them at an outdoor summer festival put on by Downtown Chapel Hill that Kooley High headlined.

In-Depth Interview with Kevin Nottingham

kevin nottingham

Kevin Nottingham has long been one of the most respected online hip hop entities around. With the final touches being put on Awthenticity, KN writer Carsten caught up with JSWISS via phone from Germany to talk in-depth about the project and much more. Read the interview HERE.

Radio Love!!!

Album Cover1

The airwaves were very receptive to Swiss in 2013. He was a guest on WNYU a few times, for “This Cultures Never Dies” with Dharmic X, and Quality Control with APE. He was also interviewed on PNC Radio with DJ Run P and Shine (now of NPR Hip Hop), WXDU with DeeJay Samps, and the Dusty Fingers internet radio show in Los Angeles, CA. His music was also played on a bunch of other stations such as WCDB in Albany, CHRW in Canada, and OUI FM, which is a major radio station in Paris, France.

Red Bull Loves JSWISS

photo (6)

Red Bull reached to JSWISS as a judge and host for two events this year. In January Swiss was a judge for Red Bull’s Thre3style U college DJ competition alongside UNC’s official football and basketball DJ, DJ Forge, and producer/DJ Apple Juice Kid, who’s worked with Wale, Azealia Banks and more. Then in the summer, JSWISS was the host for the North Carolina leg of Red Bull’s international “King of the Rock” basketball tournament, which was visited by UNC Tar Heel basketball legend Phil Ford.

Awthenticity Dropped, and the World Listened

Awthenticity Cover

If you’ve been paying any attention to these highlights, you’ve realized that Awthenticity was a big part of 2013 for JSWISS. Driven by the idea that “real” has been so saturated in its usage that it’s lost it’s true meaning of honesty, he chose to take it one step further and be authentic; or in his case awthentic. Swiss and Cayso worked for the better part of 8 months on the project, after a few months of Swiss himself conceptualizing, and came out with something special. Here’s a partial list of places that recognized the LP: The Source, 2DopeBoyz, DJ Booth, RESPECT Magazine, Kevin Nottingham, Bleu Magazine, Not Quite Millionaires, EARMILK, Ambrosia For Heads, RefinedHype, You Heard That New. You can read album reviews HEREHERE, HERE and HERE. Purchase it on iTunes or get a physical copy HERE.

No9to5 Music is WINNING


If you don’t already know, JSWISS is a part of a collective of artists that met on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill, called No9to5 Music. In 2013, in addition to JSWISS, Cayso, Optimus Rhymes, 1Up (J. Rowdy & Cayso) and Analog Rascals (AltAir & P-Rob) all put out project that have launched No9to5 Music into position as one of the top rising camps in hip hop. To see what I’m talking about, check out all those projects and more at the No9to5 Music headquarters.


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