BRAND NEW: JSWISS- “Awthenticity” LP

Awthenticity Cover

After support for the singles from The Source, 2Dopeboyz, DJ Booth, Kevin Nottingham and more, the brand new LP from JSWISS, Awthenticity, has arrived. The project includes features/ production from AltAir, Tab-One (of Kooley High), U’Nique Music, K-Hill, Topiq and more. Mixing is handled entirely by Cayso. Here’s what JSWISS has to say about the idea behind the album:

“Real has been overused to the point that its true meaning has been lost. To some people it means having girls, cars and jewelry, and to some it means be overly conscious to the point that it’s hard to relate. But when something’s “Awthentic”, it doesn’t fit into a box, it just IS. Go out and be “Awthentic” and see all of the amazing things you can do.”

Listen/download the project for free below, and purchase a hard copy HERE.


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