JSWISS Interview & Show Review

This past week brought two dope write ups on JSWISS and his music. He was named “Campus Celebrity” for UNC-Chapel Hill by Her Campus, and Resound Magazine posted a glowing review of the performance last week at Jack Sprat in Chapel Hill. After the jump, preview excerpts and check out each in their entirety.

“Campus Celebrity: Julian “JSWISS” Caldwell” By Jaleesa Jones

Julian—or “JSWISS”, as he is known to fans—possesses an enigmatic quality that commands attention, an energy that magnetizes audiences and makes you want to know him.

Read the full article here.

“JSWISS and Friends Impress Skeptic” By Corrine Tabor

The allure of his poetry sends a nostalgic shiver down my spine; I long to create memories of speechless drives home on warm, summer nights with the windows open so that I could remember how to breathe as JSWISS’ voice over the stereo cools me down. Not a single exaggeration was made in the previous statement- JSWISS belongs as a vital part of the soundtrack to anyone’s life.

Read the full article here.


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